Welcome to the Pier Patio Pub
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The Pier Patio Pub in OOB is a unique bar and restaurant. Its flooring is Pier planking, the interior has a rustic "cabin feel", and in places you can look down and see the ocean beneath you. When the tide is high and the sea is angry, The Pub will sway gently to and fro, giving you the feeling that you're truly at sea. The Patio Pub is surrounded by an outside deck where you and your family can enjoy a meal, a cold beverage, or simply stare at the Atlantic in all its beauty. Located 600 feet out on the end of The Pier, it's been a mainstay in Old Orchard Beach for many years. Locals and tourists alike flock to The Pier Patio Pub for the food, the entertainment, and the view. While you're in Old Orchard Beach, please make sure and visit The Pier Patio Pub. You'll enjoy our food, our friendly staff, and the sound of the surf beneath you. We look forward to serving you.
Pier Patio Pub
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