Welcome to the home of “Yo! Adrian”
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We're very proud have Adrian Walker, aka, "Yo! Adrian" performing here on The Pier in Old Orchard Beach for 26 years, Adrian has been entertaining tens of thousands of people from all around the globe. His unique brand of humor, coupled with his fantastic musical talent, make him a "Must See" act here on The Pier. He'll poke fun at anyone and everyone, but does so with no malicious intent. He's an absolute laugh-riot who will put his own comedic twist on songs that most of us grew up listening to. You'll leave his show with a belly-ache from laughing and you'll be happy to have it, we promise. Adrian is a warm, endearing man with a heart of gold and an intensely quick wit. His shows span 3 of our venues; Lindbergh's Landing, The Patio Pub, and Hooligan's Steak & Ale. See our Upcoming Events located on each for details. Don't miss our dear friend, Yo! Adrian, while you're on The Pier
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